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Police Department Forms

  1. Contact Us
  2. Elderly/Disabled/Shut-in-Wander Alert

    The information you provide will be placed in a log and accessible to our police officers, should your loved one wander, be in need of... More…

  3. Report an Abandoned Vehicle

    Help keep Norwood's street clear of abandoned vehicles. Under Norwood codified ordinances, a vehicle must move from a parked street... More…

  1. Crime Tips

    If you have any information on suspected criminal activity or information regarding a crime that is currently being investigated, we... More…

  2. Norwood Drug Task Force

    Report any drug activity by filling out the form and providing us with the information you have.

  3. Vacation Form

    The Norwood Police Department will keep an extra eye on your house while on vacation. Prior to leaving town fill out this vacation form... More…