How to Register an Account with the Water Department

1) Contact the office to schedule a “final” reading which will close out the existing account and start yours fresh (this may have already been done by the previous owner/tenant).
- The service windows for final readings are Monday-Friday either between 9 am and Noon or Noon and 2 pm.
- We don’t necessarily need anyone to be home, but we will need access to the basement (most water meters in Norwood are in the basement). How we gain access to the basement is up to you.
-The final readings do have to be done by a City of Norwood employee and cannot be submitted by the resident.

2) Fill out an Application for Service. This can be printed out online (click on either Owner Application or Tenant Application below to obtain the PDF version of the application) and filled out prior to coming in or it can be filled out in the office with guidance from our staff if you have any questions. If you choose to fill out the form ahead of time, it must be brought in to the office with the deposit payment and a valid ID. If the owner/tenant is unable to come in and fill out the application, a representative may do so. The person that fills out the application must bring their valid ID.

Deposits and Fees for Water Department

Owner Application

* Address of Property.
* Purchase and/or possession date of the property. * The intended purpose of. i.e. Owner occupied, Rental (#of units), Intended for Resale, Commercial. * Owner's contact information.
* Owner's address if different from service addresses.
* Owner's phone number.
* Owner's driver's license number, social security number or tax id.
* Billing information if different from owner's (where should we mail the bill to and to whom).

Printable Owner Application

Tenant Application

(Tenants may only be added to the account if it is a single family residence)
* Address of Property.
* Date lease began at the property.
* Tenant's contact information.
* Tenant's phone number.
* Tenant's driver's license number or social security number.
* Billing information if different from Tenant's address (where should we mail the bill and to whom). Must have $200.00 deposit at time of application.
* The deposit will be applied to the final bill when the tenant moves out, if any money is left over, a refund check will be issued to the forwarding address given to us when our office was notified of the tenant's departure and the final reading was scheduled.
* We accept Checks, Cash, Money Orders, Credit and Debit Cards (Master Card, Visa and Discover - we do not accept American Express)

Printable Tenant Application