562 Norwood Lateral Cleanup and Maintenance Project

The City of Norwood Public Works Department completed its 4 day fall cleanup/maintenance efforts of the Norwood Lateral on 10/7/21. We removed approximately 38 bags of trash, removed several truckloads of brush/debris, cut back vegetation, finished some minor bridge maintenance work and cleaned catch basins. Since 2020, this has been done twice a year in partnership with the City of Cincinnati in order for us to benefit from each others equipment and personnel. There is still much work to be done and plans are in place to make that happen. I will be relaying information as things move along to keep everyone informed of the plans and progress. As Superintendent of Public Works, I am very proud of how our team worked together to make this a safe, successful venture. Also, a special thank you to the Norwood Police Dept. for their support with traffic control, and to the City of Cincinnati for their willingness to partner with us and make this happen.

Clint Zimmerman Superintendent of Public Works 
Operator of Record WD2-20145571-19 City of Norwood, Ohio