Ohio Buckles Buckeyes Program (OBB)


Low income car seat program available to residents in all 88 counties of Ohio provides child safety seats and booster seats to eligible, low income families. Through the coordinated efforts of local and regional CPS coordinators, the OBB Program distributes child safety seats and booster seats and provides CPS education. The OBB Program has distributed more than 17,000 child safety seats and booster seats to low income families in Ohio over the past five years.

Goal of Program

To increase availability of child safety seats for families that would not otherwise be able to afford them and to increase correct installation and proper use of child safety seats. 

Requirements of Program

Families must be within WIC eligibility guidelines and must attend an educational class on how to properly use the car seat for their child and how to correctly install the seat in their vehicle, taught by the OBB coordinator in county of residence. Must be a Hamilton County resident and at least 36 weeks pregnant or have an age appropriate child.

Additional Information:


The City of Norwood Health Department is the Hamilton County hub for The Ohio Buckles Buckeyes Program.

City of Norwood Health Department 

2059 Sherman Ave Norwood, OH 45212